Translator XP Portable

Translator XP Enterprise is a software translator sentence of two directions from Indonesian to English and vice versa. Translator XP is programmed to perform an analysis of translation sentences word by word with a try close to the actual rules of the language rules. Translator XP will check the relationship of words between the adjacent words. Hence on every database, every word ends with a sign (b), (k), (v), (t), (g) or (s) that actually describe the type of the corresponding word (noun, adverb, the word work, the word pointer, pronoun or adjective).

Translator XP enterprise is able to distinguish five main tenses are often used like Present, Present Perfect, Past, Future and Present Continuous for both active and passive sentences for the pattern of positive, negative and interrogative. Translator XP also supports the alternative meanings, idioms and specification checking languages (including English for computer, English for engineering, etc.).

Translator XP also provides some facilities that are educational, which we reserved for those who want to learn the English language in more depth. The facility such as Dictionaries can be added at the example sentence, Games, and Text to Voice Converter.

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